Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"My So Called Internship": Episode 1

As part of my "self internship," as I shall deem it, I am going to try to familiarize myself with web design related things. I suspect that going into the job field with an English degree will be made all the more attractive to potential employers (eesh...!) if I possess basic technology abilities.

As it stands now,I am capable of successfully turning my computer on 89% of the time, and accomplishing anything web related that is not specifically and painfully detailed for me (think teaching a small child to tie their own shoes) inevitably results in disaster. See my post on creating this blog for further details on that adventure.

As fate would have it, my dad is a computer programmer who lives to create programs and software. He seems to be proficient in languages that I have come to understand are called names such as, "C++," "Javascript," and "HTML code." Actually, all three of these names might be different words for the same language. Or perhaps they are not even a little bit related. Or perhaps one of them has nothing to do with web design and programming at all.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Fortunately for me, my dad was excited by the prospect of taking on a new challenge. In all likelihood, this will turn out to be two challenges for him. The first, familiarizing himself with the blogging world and the process of web design. The second, and probably most challenging, will be trying to get these skills through my thick, technology resistant head.

Needless to say, when he requested that I download a "web editor tool" and familiarize myself with how it works, it did not go as planned. I downloaded what looked to me like a legitimate editing tool (and it probably is...) but beyond that, I have been able to accomplish nothing. Apparently you need basic proficiency in HTML code before you can play around with it. Right now it just sits staring at me with a judgmental little blinky icon.

This may be an interesting summer. On the bright side, I figured out how to download my Shelfari gadget (look at me using all this lingo!) onto the blog, so check it out! Right now it has a selection of my favorite books as well as the ones I plan to read still.

Shelfari is neat, too, so if you are a big book fan, please go sign up (it's free!) and add me. I always need more book recommendations from people!

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  1. Hey, good luck in the web world (no sarcasm). As it so happens I'm working on a few of my own sites and if you ever need formatting advice, I'm usually available.

    Here's my site:


    work in progress ;)